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Graz’n for Small Pets

Your little one’s new favorite food brand: Healthy, farm-fresh, USDA Organic hays and pellets, packaged in certified sustainable materials, delivered to you

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Sample Our Graz’n Prairie Hay

Move over, Timothy Hay! Hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and more small pets love our USDA Organic Prairie Hay. One piece, and they'll be hooked.

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On the Menu: Alfalfa Pellets

Young pets need ‘em to grow, mature pets love ‘em as a treat — try our USDA Organic alfalfa pellets today

Introducing: Graz’n

Welcome to The Graz’n Family

Hello, you crazy animals. Yes, we’re talking to you. You, the family with two bunnies in their Brooklyn apartment. You, the Hamster Mom or Guinea Mom, posting ‘grams of her sweet little friend. You, the dude with a Rescue Chicken. You, the Birder, with more than one feeder in your backyard. You, who says, “Oh my gosh, look, there’s a deer in our backyard!”

In other words, you: The lovers of Grazing Animals.

Graz’n offers USDA Organic hays, pellets, and corn products, delivered from our farm in Iowa to your place. Graz’n products are healthy, nourishing essentials for Small and Big Grazers alike, whether that’s hamsters, guinea pigs, bunnies, chinchillas, rats and mice, chickens, wildlife like birds and deer, and more — all farmed, produced, and packaged following Graz’n sustainability standards.

Look around, say hi, we’re so happy to meet you.