About Us

For the love of Graz'n

At Graz'n, our mission is to nourish the grazers of the world.

Grazers: Grazing animals, such as small pets, chickens, and wildlife.

And that starts with the ones in your home and backyard. Graz’n grows USDA Organic hays, pellets, and corn products and delivers these products, fresh from our farm to your doorstep.

Always Organic, Always Healthy

At Graz’n, we spent four years earning our organic credentials, so the Graz’n farm operation can grow USDA Organic products.

Play, graze, poop, repeat — We know it’s more than a fun phrase on our packaging. That’s the way of life for these animals. Graz’n products increase energy and improve digestion, helping these animals thrive every day.

And healthy isn’t a buzzword around here. Our products are lab tested for nutritional value because we know the proof is always in the receipts, which we include on the label.

A Sustainable Alternative

We know you’re trying to live more sustainably nowadays, and Graz’n wants to be a solutions-oriented leader in the world of pet and animal foods. So we created the kind of sustainability standards we want to see in the industry.

No chemicals, no pesticides, no irrigation in our farming. No plastic packaging in our delivery. Not just taking from the land — but finding ways to preserve it.

Read more of our sustainability story here

From One Animal Lover to Another

Our founder Eric Mahaney, an entrepreneur with experience in agricultural business and farming, grew up around these animals: As a kid, he raised rabbits, twice winning Grand Champion at the county fair. Some of his favorite memories include caring for livestock and watching wildlife on his grandpa’s farm, which is now the Graz’n organic farm operation.

Eric launched Graz’n to deliver premium, organic, healthy products for big and little grazers alike, from his farm to your home.

Farm-fresh organic, healthy, sustainable, and for animal lovers — that’s Graz’n. Graze on!