Our Purpose

Our Purpose

At Graz’n, our purpose is to nourish the grazers of the world. That means feeding them healthy foods. But it also means preserving a healthy planet for these pets and animals. That’s why organic, sustainable practices are at the heart of everything we do, from our farming and production practices all the way through our packaging. Want to know more about our Graz’n standards? Read on.

Grown on a USDA Organic Farm

All Graz’n products are grown on a USDA Organic farm that’s been independently-operated since 1952. We engaged in a multi-year process following strict standards to qualify as a certified organic farm and are recertified annually. The land is chemical, pesticide, and synthetic fertilizer-free and certified organic by OCIA International, trusted leaders in the organic certification industry, who hold our operation to rigorous standards.  We invested four years in earning our organic credentials, so you can feel confident in our products.

Watered with Good Old-Fashioned Rain

According to the USDA, the majority of domestic alfalfa is grown in the Western United States, where climates are arid. In order to produce lush, green alfalfa, farmers have to use irrigation systems. Our Graz’n farm in Iowa doesn’t have that problem: The climate provides adequate moisture for our alfalfa products, as well as our Prairie Hays and corn products, so we don’t have to use irrigation systems. We can live off what mother nature provides: Rain water… and it does the trick! When you purchase from Graz’n, rest assured: No irrigation was used. You didn’t add to the water crisis. Let’s save that resource for where it’s really needed.

Packaged Without Plastic, it's Fantastic

Graz’n uses non-plastic, sustainable packaging solutions to combat the single-use plastic crisis. Our paper bags and boxes are sustainably-sourced and recyclable. Our mailers are plant-based and compostable at home. Even our labels and tape are compostable at commercial composting facilities. Graz’n sustainable packaging solutions are certified by international and domestic sustainability standards organizations:

  • Graz’n paper bags and boxes are certified sustainable by Forest Stewardship Council, Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification
  • Graz’n mailers are certified sustainable by the Australian Bioplastics Association
  • Graz’n labels are certified sustainable by the American Society for Testing and Materials and European Bioplastics
  • Graz’n tape is certified sustainable by European Bioplastics.

Preserved for the Future

This farmland has been in our family for over seventy years, and we care about preserving it for future generations. Through the USDA Conservation Reserve Program, Graz’n made a 10-year commitment to plant species that will improve environmental health and quality. We grow native grasses on our farm, which are helping to improve water quality, capture carbon, lower greenhouse gas emissions, all while creating a habitat for wildlife. We have also planted over 300 trees and shrubs on the farm to boost air quality, promote more wildlife, and more.