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Squig and z
No more pet smart!!!

Thank you owners/founders of grazn for your effort and wonderful products I get to serve my favorite being in the whole world. I’m truly glad I gave grazn a try.

Bun Wee
Great hay for rabbits. Lovely people selling it.

I’m so pleased that my bunny was pleased. He jumped into the shipped box after I opened it and chowed down as I was trying to fill his hay feeder!

Megan Kaun
Best hay for my bunnies

My bunnies eat this hay like it is a treat. It is so fresh and of superior quality to any hay I've ever purchased before. I found Grazn looking for organic hay., which is VERY difficult to find. My bunnies are indoor pets so any pesticide residue in their food will contaminate my house. Conventional hay is heavily sprayed with highly toxic herbicides like 2,4-D to keep the non-grass "weeds" out. I don't want this carcinogen and neurotoxin in my home! It's also not good for the bunnies. Thank you Grazn for making a superior product that is also clean and safe <3

Wow, thank you for the review and appreciate the business. We go through a lot of certifications to make this happen and when we get feedback like this, it’s truly exciting. Glad your lil buddies are enjoying!

Kayla Williams
Our Guiniea Pigs Love It!

All four of our girls love it. we are giving it to them as a daily treat since we currently have orchard grass in their cage around the clock

Nice to add variety

The foster bunnies all enjoyed it and it adds a nice variety to their hay menu.

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