Graz'n: Your Small Pet's New Favorite Food

Small Pet. Big Appetite.

Similar to any member of the family, the way to your small pet’s heart is through their stomach, so serve your little one the small pet food that shows how much you love them. Graz’n USDA Organic pellets and hays promote health, happiness and longevity. An important component of an overall balanced diet, our food is lab-tested to prove its superior nutritional content and to empower you and your vet with the information you need to make healthful decisions about your pet’s overall diet.

Select from three signature healthy products for small pet food: Graz’n Organic Prairie Hay, a high-fiber, low-protein food source for small pets of any age, and Graz’n Organic Alfalfa Hay and Graz’n Organic Alfalfa Pellets, high-fiber, high-protein options for young and growing pets and pregnant or nursing animals that can also be served to mature animals as a treat. Bon appetit!