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Sandra May
Timothy Pellets

Color is nice and green and smells fresh for being pellets..
My Guinea pigs love them,

Erin McCauley
My rabbit loves them!

These pellets were recommended by my local rabbit rescue. My rabbit loves them, and I love that she can eat them and I don't have to worry about her gaining weight. Thanks for the hay samples too!


Excellent snack for training!

Kayla Williams
Too Large for Guinea Pigs

Our four girls have a hard time chewing on these due to the size of the pellets. i wish they were a bit smaller

Hi Kayla thanks for trying our hay-pellet products and providing a review. Glad to hear your guinea pigs enjoy the Prairie Hay and regarding our pellets, you’re correct, we are larger in size compared to the competition. When forming the pellets, the 100% organic Timothy hay is compressed through a larger size die that creates the bigger pellet. We wanted to provide a unique eating experience vs. our pets inhaling the smaller pellet food. We made posts on our website-social media to portray our actual size pellet and how hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits may respond. Anyone is welcome to view on FB-Instagram under graznpets. Are your girls younger, mature or any mouth/teeth sensitivity? We will take the smaller pellet size into consideration and in the meantime, one option is to use a spray bottle to mist the pellet and allow it to soften shortly before feeding time. Hopefully this helps and if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to DM me.

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