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McKenzie Ketchum
So Fragrant!

Graz'n Oat Hay is the most luscious oat hay (well, any hay) we have ever purchased for our buns. I could literally smell it when I opened the front door to bring in our delivery. The stalks are so long, and I can't believe the variety of the color, which ranges from a pale gold to a dark green and everything in between. Our rabbits went nuts for this stuff.

We are approaching the end of our first box now, and while there are some broken pieces at the bottom, it really is minimal, especially compared to some other boxes of hay we've gotten from other brands. I think it would be unrealistic not to expect a little leftover debris, and I'm sure pieces break when I'm pulling out handfuls of hay to feed. Like I said, it's minimal.

We were lucky enough on our timing that this oat hay had just been harvested when we placed our order, so it was exceptionally fresh having just been boxed. However, the quality is so high that older boxes would have to be significantly degraded for this not to remain exceptionally aromatic, colorful, healthy, and quickly consumed oat hay.

After seeing the quality of this first box the whole way through I'm ready to subscribe to the biggest box Graz'n offers of this stuff!

Hi McKenzie, LOVE this feedback! I'm glad we were able to answer your questions with our online chat, make you aware of our new cutting and that your bunnies love the new hay. Appreciate the new ORDER as well! :)

The buns love it!

Some of the most delicious oat hay around.

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